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About Us

T.A. Forsberg, Inc. provides a solid foundation both financially and emotionally for our employees, clients, and customers.  We cultivate the best living and working environments in the communities we serve. 

Welcome to the Next Generation of Housing

Our purpose is to create the best living and working environments that inspire growth and encourage belonging. Building communities has been at the core of T.A. Forsberg, Inc.’s business since the early 1960s.  As one of the first developers in mid-Michigan to offer community amenities for a better quality of life, and creating property management programs that foster a connection with neighbors, we are proud to introduce the next generation of housing, a quaint pocket neighborhood we call Eaton Village, just south of downtown Eaton Rapids, MI.  ​

Traditional Design 

Early 20th-century pocket neighborhoods offered homes that were affordable with the daily wages and allowed for neighbors to connect with each other.   A traditional design we lost sight of.  For 3 generations, homes became bigger and more expensive up until 2015 when the average new home square foot size dropped.  Tembo Eaton Village realigns the cost per square foot so it can fit within today’s cost of living.  


The Connected House Connecting People


Eaton Village is a collection of twelve single-family homes designed for how you live in the 21st Century.  The floor plans are efficient with space, and modern technology provides the most comfort while delivering maximum efficiency in our use of resources.  The neighborhood itself is designed for people where a central green space provides connections to happen.  Eaton Village connects people to each other, to the community, and to the world.

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